How will my custom relief be packaged?

It will be placed in a flat cardboard box containing bubblewrap, to prevent the relief moving, wrapped in a plastic bag, taped securely and marked FRAGILE.


When can I expect to receive my custom relief?

That will depend on the number of orders I have and how complex the markings on your cat are. This is because each one is individually made by me and only me. It will take at least 2 weeks including postage. However it may take longer if I have many orders to complete, but you will receive email/text confirmation when your bespoke item is in the post or ready for collection. I may be able to give you an idea of delivery time when I get your order. Each CUSTOMISED CAT takes approximately 10 hours to make and frame over a period of a few days, painting time varies depending on the complexity  of your cat’s markings. If PENGUINS and FISH are in stock you should receive them within a week (Royal Mail permitting).


What delivery service will be used?

Parcels will be sent via the Royal Mail insured, tracked and ‘signed for’ service and usually arrive the day after postage in the U.K.


Why is the postage cost the same wherever you live?

It was a decision I made to keep things simple, currently we can only calculate postage for the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. If you live further afield please contact us for a postage rate and how to make the extra payment.


I live near Exeter can I collect my relief and have my postage refunded?

Yes if you choose this option your £10 postage will be refunded at the time of collection from:-

  •   EXETER
  •   EX2 8RG
  • Opening hours:- 9am-5pm, Mon, Wed, Thurs and Friday 9am-1pm Sat
    Closed:- Tuesdays and Sundays

*This is not a storage address just a pick up point
You will be contacted when your CUSTOMISED CAT is ready for collection and a mutual time will be agreed to collect your packaged relief. It will then be delivered to the address shortly before the agreed collection time. You will be expected to pick up your package on the day agreed, it will be removed if not collected.
Please bring some form of ID and proof of address with you to the collection point.


Can my custom relief be hung outside?

No as the wooden frame will rot if it gets wet. It has not been glazed, only painted and varnished therefore it would not weather well.


Can I hang the relief in a bathroom or kitchen?

The relief is varnished so should cope with a small amount of steam, but I would not recommend being stored in a constantly damp environment.


Would you paint my pet on a different back ground?

CUSTOM CATS will only be against a background of blue sky and green grass as shown in the photographs that can be found on the HOME PAGE. If you would like something with a detailed background you would have to email me photos and a price would be agreed depending on the detail required. It would cost considerably more than the plain background because it will take a lot longer.


Would you repaint the cat if I’m not satisfied?

The likeness will only be as good as the quality of the photograph, every effort will be made to get the colour of the eyes and markings correct as long as I can see them, but it is a stylised image, not a detailed portrait of your cat so for example it may not have the exact number of stripes or patches in the case of a tabby, but it will be close.

I will do my best to make sure you are happy before it’s posted.

Stage 1 With a single layer of paint I layout the markings as I interpret them from your photos. I then send you a photo of the plan, I can make changes at this stage, until you are happy I have the markings correct. Some people print out this photo and write on it any corrections, take a photo / scan it and send it back. Sometimes a phone call is required.

Stage 2 Once you are happy with the position of the markings I add more layers of paint to get the depth of colour. I can send you another photo at this stage if you wish.

Stage 3  I varnish your relief – no changes can be made once it is varnished.

This process should avoid any obvious misrepresentation and negate the need for any returns. Bare in mind that the colour representation in the photo may not exactly represent the colour of the actual relief.

It is important that your expectations match the product and the photos are clear enough to meet your expectations. 


Can you do a relief of my cat if it is fluffy or very plump?

Sorry – Not at present the process makes it difficult to add clay.


My cat has beautiful whiskers, will you be able to reproduce them?

No as they unfortunately can’t be reproduced in clay.


Can you make a custom relief for my dog or horse?

Sorry no, I am only currently only doing cats, penguins and fish.


My cat has one ear or one eye or one leg or no tail etc, can this be done?

Yes bits can can be taken off but not added on because of the nature of the process.


Please feel free to contact me: Rolfe Custom Cats or speak to Jane on 07949968276